Commercial and Industrial Roof Repair in Cleveland, OH

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Looking for a trusted and highly-rated team for your commercial or industrial roof repair? You’ve come to the right place! At Pro Trade Services, our seasoned roofing professionals continue to provide outstanding solutions for our clients, year after year.

We begin each project by establishing your functional and budgetary goals, so that we can discover a solution that’s perfectly tailored to your company’s needs. Our roofers support countless commercial organizations and nonprofits throughout the local community. Your business can come to us for everything from single ply installation to industrial roof repair in Cleveland, OH! Call us today at 330-591-4440 to schedule your one-on-one appointment.

Services We Provide

  • PVC Membrane Installation

    PVC Membrane Installation

    Searching for a single ply solution that offers powerful resistance to chemical and weather-related roofing hazards? PVC membranes provide a durable, yet flexible shield against corrosion, wind, hail, and other types of damage. It also provides capable fire resistance!

  • TPO Roofing Replacement

    TPO Roofing Replacement

    TPO membrane consists of a rubberized polymer that expands and contracts with seasonal temperature changes. This reflective material creates an energy efficient barrier against sunlight, weather threats, and mechanical damage.

  • Industrial Roof Repair

    Industrial Roof Repair

    Our experienced, trusted industrial roofers carefully assess your roofing structure to identify potential weaknesses and create a plan for lasting results. Whether your roof ultimately requires industrial roof repair or replacement, we’ll be there to support your business (or nonprofit). To schedule an inspection for your roof, call our local team at 330-591-4440.

  • Expert Roof Restoration

    Expert Roof Restoration

    With restoration, our team provides structural repairs and surface preparation, then covers the rooftop with a whole new layer of protection. Businesses often see their current system lifetimes extended by years!

  • Silicone & Polyurea Coatings

    Silicone & Polyurea Coatings

    Flat roof systems often suffer from ponding water, which breaks down the roof surface and creates irritating leaks. Both silicone and polyurea coatings create a fantastic waterproof barrier to defend against this water damage. If you’ve experienced mold or mildew growth beneath your ceiling, you know how crucial waterproofing can be!

  • Reflective Acrylic Coatings

    Reflective Acrylic Coatings

    Ideal for sloped systems (such as standing seam panels), acrylic coatings provide a corrosion-resistant, reflective surface for your rooftop. They come in a variety of colors, making it easy to find that perfect shade for your building decor!

Commercial Roof Coatings

Enhanced Protection With Energy Benefits

Is your business torn between continued roof repairs and complete roof replacement? Our commercial roof coatings just might be the perfect solution for you! We start with addressing any structural damage to the roof, then craft a seamless layer over the rooftop to enhance your system’s overall protection.

Call our local team at 330-591-4440 and see if your roofing system might qualify for a commercial roof coatings. Coating materials are chosen based on the functional goals of each client and their roof type. Depending on the condition of their current system, businesses may require our commercial or industrial roof repair in Cleveland, OH before coating application.

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Through professional roof coatings, businesses regularly enjoy:

  • Up to ten years of additional life for their existing roof systems
  • Heightened wind and hail defenses
  • Substantial waterproofing improvements
  • Exciting savings in building energy usage
  • Higher percentages of reflected ultraviolet sunlight
  • Restored color and corrosion resistance
  • Strengthened resilience against foot traffic wear
A Man Sprays a Metal Roof to Promote Energy Efficiency

Cool Roofing Systems

Reducing Daily Energy Consumption

These energy efficient systems literally cool the surface of your roof by reflecting a higher percentage of sunlight. As a result, less solar heat penetrates the building exterior. That’s good news for your air conditioning system, which can finally slow energy consumption as it cools your building!

A Beautiful Standing Seam Metal Roof

Commercial Metal Roofing

Hardened Protection & Alluring Efficiency

Companies around the world rely on metal roofing for their everyday protection. But these hardy solutions have more to offer than powerful weather defense. Thanks to a highly reflective surface, metal systems offer exceptional energy efficiency too! To learn more about metal installation and industrial roof repair in Cleveland, OH, call the Pro Trade Services team at 330-591-4440!