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Local Commercial Roofing Solutions

Searching for a trusted, highly-rated commercial roofing company? Come to the seasoned professionals at Pro Trade Services! Our team supplies countless businesses and local organizations with repairs, restoration, and roof replacement in Cleveland, OH.

With years of experience and training behind them, our knowledgeable roofers strive to connect each client with the tailored solutions they need the most. That all begins by establishing your priorities and budgetary goals. Why don’t you give us a call at 330-591-4440 and talk with an expert about your upcoming project?

Communities We Support

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Lasting Repair & Roof Replacement

At Pro Trade Services, we craft solutions designed to provide durable protection for decades to come. Our roofers start by sourcing our materials from the most accomplished manufacturers in the nation. After all, lasting craftsmanship begins with quality materials. PVC, TPO, steel, and aluminum are just some of the premium solutions our roofers work with!

No matter what stage of life your roof is in, we have cost-effective services to fit your needs. Below, you’ll find additional details about our repair and replacement solutions.

Roof Repair

Professional Roof Repairs

Have you ever had a service render repairs for your roof, plumbing, heating, or cooling system, only for further problems to pop up later that day? Our roofers at Pro Trade Services understand that lasting repairs depending on addressing the source of a problem, not just the symptoms. That’s why we take such great care when inspecting damaged roofing systems.

As we assess the condition of your rooftop, we…

  • Examine the underlying layers for degradation.
  • Assess the health of the top layer, including scarring, cracks, etc.
  • Check out areas with flashing for potential leaks.
  • Inspect rooftop seams for signs of weakening.
  • Search for potential hazards to your roof.
  • Consider the age of your system.

After a detailed assessment of your roof, our seasoned roofer will have the necessary information to provide you with cost-effective options. Then you can make an informed decision based on your company’s needs and budget! To schedule a checkup for your building, call 330-591-4440 today.

System Replacement

Quality Replacement Solutions

Looking for a durable replacement solution for your building? Our insightful roofing experts would be happy to consult with you on the best options for your budget! We support a wide range of solutions, from reflective PVC membranes to powerful steel roofing.

To ensure your complete satisfaction, our roofers closely examine your functional priorities. A roof is more than just a covering over your business. It’s also a crucial factor in your building’s energy efficiency. To learn how our solutions promote weather safety and energy savings, call 330-591-4440 and ask about our Cleveland, OH roof replacement services.