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Savings, Plus Peace of Mind

Consider the resources you’ve invested to protect your building from the elements. Your roofing system is one of your company’s most important tools against weather damages and wasted energy. So what can you do to protect your investment and extend the life of your rooftop?Probably the easiest solution would be a commercial roof coating in Cleveland, OH! Thousands of businesses rely on coatings to enhance energy savings and the rooftop security. To learn more about how a coating can help your roofing system, call our friendly Pro Trade Services team at 330-591-4440!

Professional Coatings for a Stronger Commercial Roof

At Pro Trade Services, we source our roof coatings from reliable manufacturers throughout the country. Our goal is to provide you with a protective barrier that offers lasting protection and outstanding energy savings. Below, you’ll find additional details about how a commercial roof coating can benefit your company or nonprofit.


Enhanced Weather and UV Ray Protection

Commercial systems, even the toughest ones, experience considerable weather damage and corrosion over the years. As your roof sits in hours of sunlight each day, plus the occasional storm, it’s only natural to start seeing degradation after a while. That’s where a protective coating comes in handy.

First, the coating creates a seamless, waterproof layer that repels moisture. For flat systems that suffer from ponding water, that layer makes the difference between costly leaks and leak-free roofing. Coatings also defend against harmful ultraviolet light and heavy winds.


Heightened Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the most enticing benefit of this material, increased light reflection prevents excessive heat buildup in the underlying building space. This in turn allows the air conditioning system cooling the building to reduce power consumption. Considering the fact that heating and cooling accounts for a huge portion of your annual energy costs, your business could earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings.

More maximum savings, be sure to stick with light colored hues for your commercial roof coating in Cleveland, OH! For more details, feel free to contact our team at 330-591-4440.


What Type of Roof Benefits From Coatings?

Practically any material can benefit from a roof coating application. An exception might be shingles, which should be replaced in the event of damage. The deciding factors in whether or not your system qualifies for a roof restoration are the structural condition and age of the roof itself. When assessing a rooftop for a potential coating, our seasoned roofers must answer two questions:

  • Is the system structurally sound enough for a cost-effective restoration?
  • Would the age of the roof make restoration practical?

If your aging rooftop only has a year of estimated life left, plus some serious structural problems, replacement might be a more economical solution. Our team offers any number of single ply and metal solutions for your next roofing system. Should your roof only need minor repairs however, restoration could be your best option!


Choosing the Right Coating

Not every coating is designed for the same purpose. For instance, a silicone product offers powerful waterproofing protection, while acrylics focus on maximum light reflection and color variety. Identifying your company’s priorities helps our experts find suitable options for your roof.

If you need additional information, take a look at the links provided below. You can also contact our local team at 330-591-4440 and ask for details about our Cleveland, OH commercial roof coating solutions. Our courteous staff would be thrilled to consult with you on your upcoming project, and walk you through the roof coating application process!

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Want to learn more about the roof coating application process? Ask all your process and pricing questions to one of our knowledgeable roofs at Pro Trade Services! They’ll gladly walk step by step with you through selecting your product and arranging service. Call us today at 330-591-4440 and ask about a commercial roof coating in Cleveland, OH!