A Flat Roof System in Need of a New Roof Coating

Enhanced Protection & Efficiency

Flat roofs provide all kinds of space-saving and storage benefits. However, they also come with some unique challenges that don’t bother sloped systems. These include ponding water, trapped debris, and increased foot traffic.

While a durable membrane may protect the roof for quite some time, eventually leaks begin to surface. When that day comes, consider a flat roof coating in Cleveland, OH from the Pro Trade Services team! To learn more about our coating solutions, call our team at 330-591-4440.

Why Consider a Flat Roof Coating?

What makes a flat roof coating such an attractive option for business owners? Many point to the wonderful costs savings of roof restoration, as companies extend the life of their current system and delay costly replacement. Considering a flat roof coating may last up to 10 years, that’s a long period of extracting additional value from your aging roof.

Coatings also allow businesses to bypass many of the frustrating hazards that flat roofs must endure. For instance, the seamless layer created through coating produces a waterproof shield against ponding rain. Consider the ultraviolet sun rays that dry out the rooftop and create cracks. A reflective roof coating blocks them too, providing much needed cool for your building and reducing energy costs.

Flat Roof Coating Application

Coatings need a clean, healthy surface to adhere to. If your roof has gone years without a maintenance checkup, there may be some minor repairs to tackle before the project area is ready for coating. After all, you wouldn’t want to cover up any structure damage by accident!

Once our team finishes initial preparations and the surface has completely dried, the roofers begin with primer. Primers ensure maximum adhesion between the coating and the underlying roof. The coating material itself is applied via spray or roller. After our roofers complete the coating, the area will require up to 24 hours to cure completely.

Schedule Your Flat Roof Coating Today!

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