A Roofing Professional Sprays a Protective Industrial Coating

Enhanced Efficiency & Hardened Protection

Few businesses face the tough roofing challenges that industrial companies must endure every day. Sudden, extreme temperature changes threaten to crack the rooftop. Chemical hazards slowly eat away at the paint. Constant sunlight bears down on the roof and overheats the interior below.

Even the hardiest industrial roofing system can struggle to keep up with these demands. Thankfully, an industrial roof coating in Cleveland, OH can secure your roof against these threats for years to come! To learn more about these solutions, call our friendly team at 330-591-4440.

Why Invest in an Industrial Coating?

As with most business decisions, the choice of coating ultimately comes down to cost. Your extensive industrial roofing represents a significant investment, one worth preserving for as long as possible. However, thermal, solar, and chemical wear threaten to shorten the life of your commercial rooftop.

That’s where an industrial roof coating comes into play. Utilizing products specifically designed for industrial settings, our team at Pro Trade Services creates a seamless layer of protection on top of your existing roof structure. That elastomeric coating rebuffs standing water, reflects harmful sunlight, and resists chemical corrosion for up to a decade.

Industrial Roof Coating Application

Before coating begins, the surface of the industrial roof must be thoroughly prepared. Preparation comes in three parts: structural repairs, cleaning, and priming. While an elastomeric coating (be it silicone or polyurea) provides healing for abrasions and cracks, large holes and structural damage needs to be addressed beforehand.

After the project area has been fully repaired, cleaned, and dried, most coatings require an initial primer. This ensures optimal adhesion for the final coating, which will require up to 24 hours to cure completely. Our team looks for a dry weather forecast to prevent interruptions from rain.

Ask for Your Industrial Coating Estimate!

Want to learn more about the materials we use or costing for a particular project? Talk with one of our friendly, experienced roofing professionals at Pro Trade Services. They’ll be more than happy to answer questions and arrange an estimate! Call us today at 330-591-4440 to get started on your industrial roof coating in Cleveland, OH.