A Metal Roof With an Aging White Surface

Powerful Color & Rust Protection

Metal roofing systems offer both long-term protection for your building, and relaxing peace of mind for management. While they rarely demand any serious repairs, even the strongest metal roofs require a little maintenance. Extended sunlight gradually fades the color of metal (especially aluminum), and rusting hazards affect many steel systems.

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Why Choose a Metal Roof Coating?

Despite their durable surface, metal roofs do face certain vulnerabilities that demand attention. For instance, any vents or protruding objects coming out of the panels likely have specialized flashing to prevent leaks. This flashing wears down over time however, eventually allowing rain into the building below. On top of other benefits, a metal roof coating helps seal off these exposed areas.

Solar Reflection

Restoring Reflective Surfaces

For most businesses, the most essential function of a metal roof coating is to restore the reflective surface of the rooftop. After all, this reflection provides the substantial energy savings that companies know and love. Ultraviolet light gradually fades metal color and diminishes its contributions towards cool roofing.

That’s why most seasoned roofing experts recommend having your metal roof coated once every decade. This protective layer not only shields the metal, but also creates an even more reflective surface. With no excess heat penetrating the rooftop, your interior air conditioner can continue to operate normally (without consuming extra energy).

Corrosion Resistance

Preventing Unwanted Rusting

Not all metals rust. Aluminum enjoys natural immunity to rusting. However, many companies rely on steel for their roofing needs, especially for large industrial systems. While corrosion may take years to leave a visible mark on your rooftop, even specially pre-coated steel can suffer from rusting.

Metal coatings are designed to slow the oxidation process that causes rusting. Since corrosion impacts the life span on your system, it’s crucial that you keep your system protected with a new coating every ten years. To learn more about choosing the proper coating product for your needs, talk with one of experienced roofing pros at Pro Trade Services.

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