A Rubber Roof Prior to Coating Process

Flexible, Durable Rooftop Coverage

Many businesses enjoy EPDM rubber roofing for its affordability, flexibility, and durability. While the roofing material offers some alluring benefits, not everyone has the budget or opportunity to take on a new roof. However, there’s a way that practically any business can enjoy the many perks of this flexible roofing.

A rubber roof coating in Cleveland, OH provides excellent protection against the elements and mechanical hazards. If you’d like to learn more about this durable roof restoration solution, give our friendly team a call at 330-591-4440! Our professionals will gladly provide you with an estimate for your project.

Why Choose a Rubber Roof Coating?

Rubber products offer some unique perks when compared to elastomeric coatings. First, rubberized coatings can be applied in thicker layers, providing an even stronger barrier against weather hazards. Unlike EPDM roofs which rely on seam tape for leak protection, the seamless layer created by our rubber coatings repels water completely.

Just because the coating comes out thicker doesn’t mean that the rubberized layer isn’t flexible. In fact, this solution effortlessly expands and contracts with seasonal temperature changes. This prevents cracks and stretch lines. For businesses with EPDM membranes, not every coating products can actually adhere to the rooftop; but a rubber coating can.

Once the liquid coating hardens, it provides a stable layer of protection against leaks, impact and mechanical trauma, ultraviolet sunlight, and other weather threats. Some coating manufacturers provide white colored rubber products for increased sunlight reflection. If you’re a fan of cool roofing energy savings, that’s good news!

Rubber Roof Coating Application

Rubber coatings can adhere to most surfaces without priming, but your roof should be completely clean and structural sound beforehand. Whether your company owns a single ply or metal roofing system, it pays to closely inspect the rooftop for any structural damage. Once the surface has been repaired (if needed), cleaned, and given time to dry, coating can begin.

Rubber coatings typically require less time to dry than other solutions. Our team will happily walk with you through the entire process before the project kicks off. To learn more about our services or arrange an estimate for your rubber roof coating in Cleveland, OH, call our friendly team at 330-591-4440!