Commercial Roofing in Cleveland, OH

A Commercial HVAC System Sitting on Top of a Large Rooftop

Lasting Solutions & Outstanding Service

Consider all the various criteria that goes into choosing who will provide your comercial roofing services. With countless roofing companies that support the local community, it can be difficult to know who to trust with your investment. At Pro Trade Services, we dedicate ourselves to two simple tasks: providing impeccable customer service and delivering lasting solutions.

Our heavily trained and experienced roofing professionals see to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Answering key questions, providing cost-effective recommendations, and completing quality installations, our team delivers the care your business deserves! When you need a thoroughly trusted (and highly-rated) commercial roofer in Cleveland, OH, call our team at 330-591-4440.

Your Commercial Roofing Company

Finding a commercial roofing contractor with proven experience and trustworthy results can be a challenge. That’s why our commercial roofers work so hard to grow our portfolio of professional roofing services. Now, your company can come to our experts for any and all of your roofing needs!

Below, you’ll discover some of reasons local businesses trust us for their services. Don’t just take our word for it though! Feel free to read through our reviews to see what our clients have to say about the quality of our work.

Who We Serve

Businesses and Organizations We Serve

As a Cleveland, OH commercial roofer, we support all kinds of businesses and local organizations! Anyone can benefit from lasting roof repairs, replacements, and quality restoration. Some of the most common types of organizations we serve are…

  • Apartment Complexes and Multi-Family Living
  • Agricultural Enterprises
  • Hospitals and Other Healthcare Facilities
  • Local Churches and Other Centers of Worship
  • Malls and Other Shopping Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • and Many More!

What sort of project is your organization planning for today? Your personal commercial roofing contractor will gladly answer any questions you may have, provide an estimate, and steer you towards your most cost-effective solution(s). All it takes is one call to our friendly team at 330-591-4440!

Durable Solutions

Hardy Roofing Solutions for Your Business

Our commercial roofing contractors offer a variety of durable roofing solutions, from basic single ply membranes to expansive industrial metal roofs. Whatever size your project may be, you can count on our seasoned experts to produce a lasting system for your company. We start by establishing your functional goals and budget, then partner with you to find the best roofing solutions for your company’s needs.

Of course, we also supply opportunities to preserve the life of your existing system. With our professional repairs, you delay that costly roof replacement. Many of our clients enjoy our coating services, which can extend the lifetime of roofing systems by up to 10 years!

Saving Energy

Energy Efficiency Cool Roofing Systems

Quality roofing does more than just cover your building. With the right materials and excellent craftsmanship, a roof can also help your company cut energy costs! The Pro Trade Services team supports several categories of cool roofing systems, which offer alluring energy savings that practically any business can enjoy.

What is cool roofing and how can it help your enterprise?

Any solution designed to reflect sunlight in an effort to reduce surface temperatures can be considered a cool roof. That opens up a wealth of possibilities, from white PVC membranes to the most reflective aluminum, standing-seam rooftop. Even white coatings are often treated as a form of cool roofing.

For Additional Resources

  • Single Ply Roof Installation Searching for a simple roofing solution that offers capable protection and alluring energy savings? Ask about our PVC and TPO roofs!
  • Cool (Reflective) Roofing By creating a light-reflecting surface, our cool roof solutions reduce heat penetration and interior energy costs.
  • Industrial Roofing Solutions With powerful elemental and chemical resistance, our industrial roofing solutions last for decades. Ask for your estimate!
  • Commercial Metal Roofing Thanks to their durable nature and reflective capabilities, our metal roofs provide outstanding savings over the years.
A Roofer Lays Out a Single Ply Membrane During Installation

Find Your Cost-Effective Solutions!

No matter what stage of life your roof lies in, our Pro Trade Services professional roofing team has affordable solutions to support all your roofing needs! We’d love to talk with you about your upcoming roofing project. When you need a commercial roofing contractor with experience (and high-ratings), we’d love to be your commercial roofer in Cleveland, OH.

Ready to get started on your roofing services? Give us a call at 330-591-4440 to arrange an appointment that fits with your schedule. You’ll soon learn why so many local businesses come to us for all their roofing needs!