Commercial Metal Roofing in Cleveland, OH

Corrugated Metal Roof Sits Beneath a Cloudy Sky

Hardened Durability, & Alluring Savings

Metal enjoys a well-earned reputation for durability and longevity. This sturdy roofing material is at home in both extensive sunlight and heavy storms, providing much needed security from the elements. While some premium roof solutions require extensive maintenance to maintain their integrity, this roofing structure can go for decades without any significant repair needs.

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Expert Metal Roofing for Your Business

It takes professional craftsmanship to extract the most value from a metal roof. Even this durable material will experience leaks and other problems if the panels aren’t installed correctly. That’s why our roofers at Pro Trade Services works carefully throughout the design and installation process to ensure maximum protection. After all, we aim for complete satisfaction for all of our customers.

Choosing the right material and design for your roof is just as crucial. Below, we’ve outlined the most popular solutions for this roofing type. If you have any additional questions about these Cleveland, OH commercial metal roofing systems, feel free to call our local office at 330-591-4440.

Material Options

Choosing the Metal for Your Needs

Metals possess varied properties that make them suitable for different roofing projects. Steel for instance, enjoys exceptional strength and fading-resistance. Because the material has such a long history in the United States, it’s also quite affordable for both homeowners and businesses. However, steel is susceptible to rusting. That’s why our roofing team highly recommends either galvalume or galvanized steel (rust-resistant versions) for large commercial projects.

Aluminum, on the other hand, boasts natural rust immunity. This hardy material reflects an even higher percentage of sunlight, making it a widely sought after cool roofing solution. A cool roof provides substantial energy savings by reducing the amount of heat getting into the building below. Aluminum panels may start to fade after years of exposure, which is why professionals recommend a metal roof coating once every decade.

Roofing Styles

Styles of Commercial Metal Roofing

Several styles of metal roofing exist on the market, but most commercial and non-profit organizations prefer one of two solutions: corrugated and standing seam. Corrugated panels (especially low-gauge, thick panels) offer very capable weather protection. The panels need only be tightened and re-coated once every decade.

Standing seam panels upgrade the corrugated style by utilizing interlocking panels with vertical seams. Once the panels snap together, the vertical seams prevent water from seeping into the layers below. In climates with heavy, pounding rain, many buildings rely on standing seam metal roofing for superior storm protection.

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Commercial Metal Roof Repair

Real world experience continually reminds us that even the most resilient systems eventually need repair. While these roofing systems (especially well-crafted ones) typically require little in the way of maintenance or repairs, accidents and severe weather may cause significant damage. Thankfully, these roofing panels are easy to replace, making most roof repair projects very quick.

A Corrugated Metal Roof With Large Vents

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