A Reflective Rooftop Keeps the Heat Out

Saving Money on Energy Costs

Heating and cooling represent two of the largest sources of energy consumption for your business. If you could cut down on these ongoing operation costs, how much would that be worth to your company? After all, the reward could be hundreds, even thousands of dollars in savings.

At Pro Trade Services, one of our continued goals is to provide the business community with energy-efficient roofing solutions. That’s why we provide cool roof installation in Cleveland, OH and surrounding areas. If you’d like to learn more about these popular roofing systems, call our friendly staff today at 330-591-4440!

What is Cool Roofing?

The US Department of Energy offers a concise, clear definition. “A cool roof is one that has been designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof.

As you may have already realized, cool roofing may incorporate practically any light-colored or reflective material. For commercial roofing purposes however, the most popular forms of reflective roof installation are white single ply membranes and metal roofing. Both of these categories provide outstanding sunlight reflection. They are also cost-effective choices. That in mind, metal roofing can be more expensive up front, but the long-term savings have been shown to outweigh those initial costs. Comparatively, single ply membrane roofing is often less expensive up front, but just as beneficial in terms of long-term savings. Either option is a sound investment for commercial building owners that are interested in quality roofing that requires minimal maintenance.

Why Choose a Cool Roof Installation?

First off, reflective surfaces do a much better job at resisting ultraviolet light’s damaging influence. Given enough time, sunlight naturally dries out, cracks, and fades most roofing materials. Because cool roofs reflect a higher percentage of light, this process is greatly slowed.

Of course, businesses typically consider the fantastic energy savings to be the most exhilarating perk of cool roofing. Whether the reflective surface is made by bright material or a roof coating enhancement, the material greatly reduces the amount of heat penetrating into the building below. The lower temperature fluctuation subsequently allows your air conditioning system to shorten run times and conserve energy. Metal roofing paired with a roof coating will also provide excellent warmth in the winter months. That’s because the coating acts as a kind of insulation layer, helping to keep the warm air in the building, instead of escaping out. In either situation, your HVAC system will be able to work more efficiently more often throughout the year.

Cool Roof Repair and Replacement

Our team at Pro Trade Services provides affordable solutions to install, maintain, and replace cool roofing systems. Whether you’re interested in a metal, single ply, or reflective coating, talk with one of our seasoned roofers about your cool roof installation in Cleveland, OH. Call our helpful staff today at 330-591-4440!