Roof Restoration in Cleveland, OH

A Flat Rooftop in Need of a Protective Coating

An Appealing Middle Ground

Many commercial roofing systems begin to experience small problems as they age. These challenges often become more pronounced and frequent as a roof approaches the end of its lifetime. This leads typically leads to a crucial decision point. Should you continue to take on the growing repair requirements, or should you go ahead and replace the roof?

Thankfully, businesses have a third option: roof restoration. This solution involves mending the existing roof, then creating a seamless layer on top. That protective coating provides both phenomenal weather protection and enhanced energy efficiency. To learn more about roof restoration in Cleveland, OH, contact the Pro Trade Services team at 330-591-4440!

What is Roof Restoration?

This is a two-part coating process that takes your existing roof and enhances it for stronger durability and enhanced energy savings. The first step involves area repair and cleaning. Because the solution requires a clean, relatively flat surface for coating, roofs must be in decent condition to qualify. At Pro Trade Services, we provide the repair services necessary to prepare your rooftop.

After structural problems (if any exist) have been dealt with and the surface thoroughly cleaned, our team installs a protective coating on top of your roofing system. The material must be flexible enough to adjust with seasonal temperature changes, which is why our team utilizes elastomeric solutions. These coatings offer substantial benefits that almost any physical business can enjoy, whether they depend on a simple TPO roof or an extensive industrial system.

Our Coating Solutions

  • Silicone Roof Coatings Silicone provides excellent waterproofing for flat roofs that regularly suffer from ponding rain.
  • Polyurea Roof Coatings Leaking for a more durable, yet flexible rooftop surface? Ask how a polyurea coating can help your business!
  • Acyrlic Roof Coatings Looking to enhance your sloped commercial roof for more substantial energy savings? Try an acrylic coating!

Why Consider a Roof Restoration?

As with any roofing solution, there are numerous factors to weigh in as you compare costs with your benefits. We have to consider the predicted maintenance and energy savings that come after the job is complete. We also need to think about the costs avoided from delayed roof replacement, such as teardown and material disposal.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the most critical cost considerations and subsequent opportunities you can expect with a Cleveland, OH roof restoration. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our Pro Trade Services team at 330-591-4440. Any of our seasoned roofers would be happy to discuss your business’ needs.

Roof Life Extension

Extending the Life of Your Roof

The first immediate concern in your decision process is whether or not your roof requires immediate replacement. Tearing down an old roof and installing a new system represents a significant investment that certainly provides substantial benefits for your company. However, it isn’t a project that should be rushed into.

Many businesses prefer this option because it delays replacement by extending the life of the existing roof system up to ten years. While the top coating layer absorbs all the weathering effects during that time, the underlying roofing sits in peace. Think of the value for your company from existing the life of your current roof and delaying replacement costs!

Weather Protection

Stronger Weather Protection

Of course, the most important function of a restorative coating is to provide protection for your underlying roofing. By creating a seamless top layer, your building enjoys substantially stronger waterproofing. That’s great news if your flat roofing has suffered from leaks in the past! Silicone and polyurea coatings offer outstanding defense against ponding water.

These solutions also provide excellent defense against impact trauma from hail. While they might not be quite as durable as sheet of metal, elastomeric coatings absorb much of the force that would otherwise create bothersome cracks in the roofing below. Restorative coatings also defend against the daily onslaught of the sun’s ultraviolet light, which naturally degrades rooftop materials.

Improved Efficiency

Cool Roofing Benefits of Restoration

For countless enterprises, rooftop coatings provide substantial energy savings by providing a bright surface to reflect sunlight. By reflecting a higher percentage of light, coatings minimize the problematic buildup of heat that affects so many businesses. That’s why many roofing professionals consider a restorative coating to be a cool roofing solution. With less heat penetrating into the building, your air conditioning system won’t have to consume as much electricity to cool the environment.

Reduced stress on the HVAC system and improved energy efficiency…who wouldn’t like that? Even metal systems can benefit, and they already enjoy excellent solar reflection! If you’d like to more about these and other ways to save on your energy costs, talk with one of our seasoned experts at Pro Trade Services.

A Reflective White Roof With a Coating Protecting the Vents

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