A Roofing Professional Sprays a Protective White Acrylic Coating

Impressive Energy Savings for Sloped Roofs

Commercial roofing systems spend endless hours each year sitting in direct sunlight. As the sun’s ultraviolet radiation bears down on each roof, the surface slowly dries and decays. Eventually, the rooftop develops cracks, which widen every day.

For commercial roofs (with the exception of metal systems), direct sunlight causes considerable damage over the years. That’s why many locals turn to our acrylic roof coatings in Cleveland, OH. To learn more about these protective solutions, contact the Pro Trade Services team at 330-591-4440!

Key Benefits of Acrylics

Sunlight gradually decays practically every roofing material known to man. However, a reflective layer on top of the roof slows this process greatly. It also offers some incredibly alluring energy savings. By reflecting a higher percentage of light, acrylics prevent a rooftop surface from superheating.

With less heat penetrating the surface and settling inside the building, your air conditioning system can reduce its running times and dial back on electricity usage. The added sunlight protection appeals to many, but most absolutely love the savings offered by acrylics. As an added bonus, acrylics come available in a wide spectrum of bright colors.

Acrylic Coating Application

Acrylics function best on sloped roofs, where standing water can’t wash away the coating. They are particularly popular on metal systems. As with silicone and polyurea applications, acrylics need a clean and healthy surface to adhere to. Our team at Pro Trade Services will happily clean the area and repair any outstanding damage prior to our acrylic roof coatings.

Once the space is both clean and dry, we start off with a thorough priming of the rooftop. This maximizes coating adhesion and allows the end product to last for ten years, on average. Finally, we apply the acrylic with a spray device, then allow it to dry.

Want an Estimate for Acrylic Coating?

Talk with one of our seasoned roofers at Pro Trade Services. They will gladly provide you with an assessment of your roofing system, plus an accurate project estimate. Thousands of businesses take advantage of roof coatings for their energy efficiency and rooftop protection. See how your company can benefit from our Cleveland, OH acrylic roof coatings by calling 330-591-4440!