A Polyurea Coated Roof Reflects Sunlight in the Evening

Resilient, Reliable Roof Coatings

What does a rubberized, flexible material have to offer roofing systems? So much. On top of the alluring energy savings provided by acrylics and silicone coatings, polyurea offers even stronger protection against the elements and personnel traffic. This material serves as a dauntless boundary between your flat roofing system and damaging weather hazards.

If your roof has suffered from ponding water, aggressive storms, and other natural challenges, see how our Cleveland, OH polyurea roof coatings can help! Our courteous staff at Pro Trade Services would be thrilled to answer any questions you may have. Simply contact our local office at 330-591-4440 to get started.

Enticing Benefits of Polyurea

As with other coatings, polyurea provides a durable surface to protect against standing water, ultraviolet light, and other forms of weathering. That’s good news for flat roofs, which frequently suffer from extensive cracking and leaks. Polyurea, more than many kinds of restorative coatings, settles into abrasions and cracks to mend these vulnerabilities. The end result is a hardy, seamless surface that countless building owners crave.

What else makes polyurea roof coatings stand out from other solutions. Put simply, polyurea materials are exceptionally tough. They don’t wear out easily from foot traffic, an essential trait for businesses with lots of hardware on top of the roof. The flexible material also expands and contracts with the changing of the seasons, preventing tears.

Polyurea Coating Application

All coating projects should start with a clean surface. Polyurea installations are no exception. Our roofers at Pro Trade Services start the application process by cleaning the project area and performing repairs for any significant scarring. After the surface has completely dried, we apply a special primer to ensure max adhesion.

Finally, our roofers apply the polyurea coating via spray or roller. The material needs up to 24 hours to cure completely. As the polyurea product hardens, it expands into small cracks and fissures in the surface below. Once your coating cures, you’ll be left with a resilient, seamless rooftop!

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