A Roofing Professional Sprays White Silicone on a Flat Roof

Powerful Protection and Savings

There comes a time in every commercial roof’s lifetime where the owner must decide between continued repairs and a roof replacement. The former grows increasingly costly over time, while the latter option represents a huge time and money investment. However, roof coatings find a happy middle ground between the two options.

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Benefits of Silicone Roof Coatings

Flat roofs often struggle with ponding water problems, as rain becomes trapped on top with nowhere to drain. The standing fluid slowly wears down the rooftop material, eventually seeping into the decking below. The rooftop corrosion is only accelerated by constant exposure to sunlight, whose ultraviolet light dries out the surface and causes cracks.

With a silicone coating application protecting the rooftop, your building receives powerful protection against both standing water and ultraviolet sunlight. What sets silicone apart from other coatings is long-term durability. It doesn’t chalk or fragment like other materials as it ages. Silicone’s light color does fade slowly over time. At the end of its typical ten year lifespan however, the coating need only be replaced for continued protection.

Silicone Coating Application Process

As with other coating products, silicone requires a clean, moderately healthy surface to adhere to. Prior to installation, our team performs any outstanding repairs and surface cleaning to ensure good application. Silicone mends minor cracks and abrasions, but larger holes and worn seams must be fixed.

Once our team finishes preparation, we typically begin coating with a primer. Finally, our roofers apply the coating with using either spray or rollers. The silicone requires up to 24 hours to dry completely after installation ends.

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